December 7, 2016

Sessio for Civil Use

Sessio was developed for industrial use in mind. One of the primary use cases is for site managers to be able to solve issues remotely and also collaborate with team members in the planning phases. In this regard, Sessio is not just a communication application for resolving issues, it is also a tool for innovation, brainstorming, and teamwork.

Imagine you are the site manager of a large construction project, abd you are responsible for solving all logistical problems, managing teams, making sure deadlines are being met, co-ordinating external contactors/suppliers, etc. I think we can agree that’s a BIG job, and it can get bigger depending on the size of the project. Being the person that everyone turns to to solve problems is a big responsibility, and along with it comes very long hours and lots of time consuming work. Therefore it is so important to cut down on any and all avoidable waste, whether that be time, money, or other resources.

It happens all too often, you leave the site, only to be called hours later because something has gone wrong and requires an immediate fix. Before Sessio, you could have the worker try to explain it to you over the phone, which often adds to the confusion, or you could do a video call. Although a video call adds an extra layer of information, it still lacks the interactive element. You are limited in what you can point out by only using ambiguous gestures (not to mention the spotty quality of most video calls).

With Sessio, you gain the crucial visual interaction element that is missing from all other forms of communication. You are now able to take high resolution pictures, share while drawing on them in real time, all while never interrupting the voice call. You will be able to see exactly which pipe has burst, or which beam needs to be secured, or which type of wire should be used with the new plan, etc.

Sessio: the next standard in mobile communication. Now available on Android devices.