December 7, 2016

Sessio Will Change Collaboration Forever

Sessio has nearly endless use cases for problem resolution which we have covered in previous blogs. But Sessio can also be used as a purely collaborative tool for innovation and idea generation. To put it simply, Sessio allows you to share and explain ideas with a whole team of collaborators who will then be able to add their input about any aspect of the project. The best part about this is that they could be in totally different countries, and Sessio would work the same way.

The idea relies on the fact that humans are visual learners. Ideas are developed and progressed at an accelerated level when a visual layer is added to the communication. Now more than ever, it is incredibly important to be able to manage information and content so that it can be organized and progressed into something tangible. We call this ‘idea management’, and we think Sessio is the best tool for it!

For visual designers, Sessio is invaluable when working with clients from all over the world. Before, high end designers would have no choice but to create multiple iterations of a design based on the client’s needs. There was no simple way to describe and point out exactly what needs to be changed to cut down on design cycles and ultimately save both the designer and client time. With Sessio, clients can make edits directly on a design and draw specific instructions about what they would like to have changed. This ensures that the next iteration will be exactly what the clients wants so the transaction can be completed.

Sessio: the next standard in mobile communication. Now available on Android devices.