August 4, 2019

Emergency case video call by SMS link

Imagine an accident.

Someone arrives to the site and makes the traditional emergency call. After the verbal discussion the person gets instructions how to move on and first responders are sent to the location.

But what if we could open a remote vision to the accident site from the very moment of the first call?

A simple SMS link can be sent to any modern smart phone to open up a video call. The call can be linked to chosen specialists who can immediately try to evaluate the case and perhaps remotely guide the person on site so that he/she becomes the first responder until trained members of emergency organisations arrive.

Considering the amount of different accidents it is fair to claim that in some cases the early visual contact to the accident site could save a life.

Emergency case video call by SMS link

Our solution is an independent browser application which can be run on any existing desktop system or on its own environment like on Chrome Book on this demo video. Integration for callers number can be done if the existing systems allows to read the incoming call number.

Do you think it could be wise to set up a test unit for you helpdesk to gain some practical real life experience right now? And then keep evolving as need and opportunity becomes obvious? Action must happen now. A dead man doesn't need anyones help.