July 4, 2019

Insurance case video call by SMS link

What is the value of a recorded real-time video call per claim of an accident or other insurance case like burglary?

There is a rough estimate of a cost of 250€ per man visit per insurance case. If part of those on site visits could be replaced by the recorded video calls with customer only on the site shouldn't that bring some savings at large?

In our simulated accident case the moped was avoiding a collision with a too fast and too close to opposite traffic driving truck and thus scratching the being passed by sedan. SMS based video call link was shot from the insurance company service desk to get real on site vision to the moment of stating of what did happen. Insurance claim processing was then possible just by the judging of what was seen on the (recorded) video call. Core customer benefit was the time and pain saved as the complex paperwork in foreign language and supposed long waiting time for the police on site were avoided. Customer was immediately able to continue tight scheduled travelling with peace of mind.

Customer takes a normal phone call to the helpdesk of an insurance company.
Customer starts to explain the issue on audio only call.
Helpdesk sends an SMS link for the caller to start the video call.
Caller clicks the instant link to open the video call on his phone.
Video call starts on the phone's browser without any installation.

Accident gets to be explained using both audio and video.
Helpdesk asks for a permission to record the session.
Moped driver shows the scratched corner and explains in her native language what did happen.
Car driver shows the scratches on the car and explains too in his own native language what did happen.
Helpdesk asks the caller to stream video of the instrument panel.
Customer shoots video to show the odometer kilometer amount and other information of value.

Happy customer can continue tight scheduled traveling with peace of mind.

By estimate at least one to two hours of hassle is saved on customer end when compared to the process of filling out the accident report papers.