September 14, 2019

Rescue case video call by SMS link

Sessio SMS video calls

Get visual. Start instant video call to any smart device by SMS link.

Inbound emergency call

Customer calls for help

Inbound audio call will be switched to a video call by typing callers number to the browser application and clicking "start".

Normally when people make emergency calls they are plain audio calls. With current technology it is possible to trigger a progressive web application for no-installs video call connection. Emergency service will see the callers number and if that is a modern smart device then an SMS video call link can be dropped back to the callers device.

Shooting video on site

SMS video link sent to customer

Customer receives SMS link and clicks it, approves use of device camera and mic, and clicks "join" to start the video call.

Caller at site gets stronger hold of communicating the ongoing status. Power of video gets to it's full potential in cases where verbal description would be difficult or impossible. Citizens may be more relieved to stream video of an injured person than trying to give medically sound description on audio only. In case of fire seasoned firemen can better estimate the state of fire by visual analysis than by asking questions on audio.

First responders can see the view

Visual connection established

Both ends will see each others camera streams and are able to communicate at certain cases critically more.

First responders get to see and hear audio video stream from the incident site. This early visual connection to the location can potentially shorten reaction time compared to the option where operators will see things first time only after they have already arrived to the site. Visual proof may reveal meaningful facts or spin important ideas. It can be also used to verify uncertain things to mitigate risks.