December 7, 2016

Smart Phones - Stupid Calls

Dear Apple, Google, and Microsoft, Great Smart Phones Deserve Smart Calls.

The standard audio call as a protocol of communication has been around for more than 100 years. And it’s functionality has remained mostly untouched as it’s basic concept is useful for many scenarios. The problem is that there is a surprising amount of potential in modern smartphones that has not been accessed and released on the market. Millions of callers would have the opportunity to solve their issues on the go instantaneously if a visual collaboration layer was an optional part of standard calls. This 30 second video displays a functional prototype for Android devices:


Apple FaceTime is a well designed video call platform. We believe that there should be an app that allows you to have the same familiarity of communication with an added collaborative visual component. One that allows you to draw simultaneously onto a picture while speaking with a colleague/collaborator/friend. This concept has been proven for professional use, and eliminates many of the wasteful activities which we currently accept as ‘part of the job’. Complex problem resolution is currently seen as an ‘in person’ task, but we are about to change that forever.

This is why we created Sessio. Our goal with Sessio was to create a communication app that replaces both regular voice calls and video calls. Neither of which provide you with the invaluable collaboration element and are virtually useless for professional use when it comes to resolving complex tasks. No longer will you have to commute back and forth between the office and the site to solve mundane operational hiccups. These issues can now be resolved remotely with Sessio, saving you time, money, and bringing you peace of mind.

Why We’re Doing This

When phone and email fail to resolve a problem, people waste a lot of time traveling to a site to solve issues while they could solve them instantly and remotely with a simple application combining three different simultaneous key functions:

  • Shared images
  • Synchronized drawing
  • Audio conversation

It seems like an incredibly simple concept, and in practice, it is. We believe in simple solutions for complex problems, and we have done just that with Sessio.

Sessio: the next standard in mobile communication. Now available on Android devices.